Swimming Lessons

Roots Academy realizes the following amazing benefits of swimming:1. Reduces stress2. Increases the strength of your muscles3. Builds endurance4. Boosts your cardiovascular fitness.With this in mind, we have well trained

Scouts and Girl Guides

According to researchers, children who attend programs that develop their teamwork and self-reliance skills by having active outdoor activities enjoy lifelong benefits.Scouts and guides help develop and build resilience against

Computer Lessons

With the advent of technology, the world has gone digital. Computer knowledge is a must-have for all. We introduce computer lessons to students in their first year of primary school.

Fleet Of Buses

We are proud to present our eight buses and two vans that comfortably transport our students from home to school and vice versa. We are also able to easily plan


Games are ranked high on the priority list of Roots Academy. We cannot shy away from the stunning benefits associated with allowing our students practice physical exercises. On every Tuesday


Roots Academy consider graduation ceremonies to contain poignancy. That is why we hold graduation ceremonies for our little cuties in the Upper Class and are crossing on to their first

Excellent Performance

We have been branded as anĀ ACADEMIC GIANTĀ in Nakuru county. We triumph and soar above our competitors. Our efforts and hard work get rewarded. Every year is a victory for us.

Outstanding Features

Roots Academy has taken an extra step with an aim of adding value to the lessons offered. We pride ourselves in owning and offering the following to our students: Excellent

Our Community

Roots Academy is a happy, thriving, buzzing community of young boys and girls who learn to appreciate the values of hard work, commitment and making the most of each opportunity

Why Choose Us

Roots Academy offers a peaceful setting for students to grow intellectually and spiritually. We believe that every child is special and unique. What students acquire from Roots Academy is handsomely